Originally Answered: Why is the iTunes Store so slow? If i had to take a shot in the dark I would say it's because iTunes has a slow rendering engine but I ...3 answers  ·  2 votes: If i had to take a shot in the dark I would say it's because iTunes has a slow rendering
engine .... Jan 4, 2016 — The author claims that opening the Apple App Store on your iPad or iPhone and tapping any of the bottom row icons ten times will clear the App .... May 24, 2019 — How to fix slow iTunes and App Store downloads on iPhone and Mac · 1. Try a different Internet connection. Restart your router · 2. Change your .... Jun 24, 2019 — Since 2001, people worldwide have been using the app to store their collections of music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts,
and play them on .... Jan 20, 2019 — It takes 5 minutes for any iTunes store window to open, if it even opens. This includes searches and account access. If checked to see that I ...1 answer  ·  Hello yjcbrown,Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. It's my understanding that you've been experiencing issues with the iTunes Store opening slowly .... May 13, 2020 — All the reactions to "my iTunes is slow" thread
are "get a better pc" and people seem to upvote it. Well am I missing something? I'm running it on .... Had the
same problem, try getting rid of the MS Store app and installing iTunes from Apple's website. I find the standard app a lot snappier and functional than .... Apr 29, 2021 — Part 1. How to Speed up iTunes [10
Tips] · Tip 1. Update the iTunes Version on Your Computer · Tip 2. Keep Files Only
on the Cloud · Tip 3. Reset .... Mar 1, 2020 — Some days my Windows 10 PC connects flawlessly and quickly to the iTunes Store, other days it doesn't
connect at all, or very, very slowly.8 answers  ·  Hey there, Cosmonium!Thanks for visiting the Apple Support Communities. It looks like .... Oct 25, 2020 — Been running iTunes on my PC for a hundred years. Running Windows 10 now with no other issues. Now all of a sudden the Store takes ...2 answers  ·  Hi CMB62,Thanks for posting to Apple Support Communities. We understand there is an issue .... Here's a quick fix if your App Store is loading very slow or is not showing app updates.. Introduction; Ensure Apple's service servers are working properly; Reboot the device; Try downloading a different application; Apple ID related problems .... Mar 23, 2018 — Been searching, found no answers. Every time I
try to load the Store in iTunes (​using latest version) it hangs, goes unresponsive, then finally ...4 answers  ·  Addendum: Now it's completely and totally hung. And it's hanging to the point where it's .... Jun 19, 2020 — Solution 2:
Stop Syncing Automatically ...
Syncing and managing your iOS device on iTunes can be the one of causes for iTunes running slow. You .... Visiting iTunes stores online for music, videos, TV shows etc. creates some temporary files that get stored up in Cache. The problem arises at the time cache​ ... 420b4ec2cf